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asesoria y diseño

Consulting and Design

We offer a range of architectural solutions and assistance on special projects that turn any building into an accessible site.


Manufacturing and sale

We make your space an inclusive place. We develop tactile paving solutions, accessible construction, signage, among other products.

piso podotactil

Instalation and maintenance

Our qualified workforce have carried out projects in Mexico and abroad.

Haptic Maps & Signage

Haptic Maps make an accessible site, in addition to having clear accesses and quality routes, which is integral when the information is presented to the public clearly and using various languages.

Tactile Paving

The tactile paving system is an ideal solution for people with vision problems as it facilitates access to transport or buildings. Thanks to its high tactile (0.19 In high) and visual contrast with contrasting colors contrast, it is immediately identifiable.

Warning to our customers!

Dear user, we have recently detected that people outside this company have been posing as members of our team, blatantly using our company name or claiming to be subsidiaries of Braille International. We have been working honestly for years to offer you high-quality products, generating the trust and credibility of all our customers.
On our website you will find the location of our authorized offices with national and international contact information.