People with Visual Impairment need special signage to be able to move independently in different spaces, accessible signage jointly consists of visual and tactile elements, such as Braille text, characters and icons in high-relief. Its implementation makes it easier for them to make decisions and allows them to interact with their environment in a secure way.

An accessible site, in addition to having clear accesses and quality routes, is integral when the information is presented to the public clearly and in different types of language.

At BRAILLE INTERNATIONAL we use the highest technology to design and manufacture tactile-visual signage for people with visual disabilities since we use the RASTER™ BRAILLE signage system and base our solutions on international regulations.

Advantages of our signage products

Our products are designed to comply with the specifications of the INDEPEDI Accessibility Technical Standards Manual (Mexico, 2016), as well as in the ADA (USA) and ANSI and NFX-008-008 No 2005-102 (Europe) regulations.
  • Easy identification of areas inside and outside a building.
  • Weather resistance.
  • Compliance with national and international regulations.
  • 100% accessible.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Designed to customer requirements.
  • Designs made in a wide range of solid materials.

Technical specifications






High relief

Vinyl + Metal Base

Plastic base + UV printing

Low relief

Metal base + ADA

Plastic base + ADA

Braille Signage Types

Haptic Maps

A tactile map it's a guide that can be felt by people with visual impairment, comprising of raised lines. It shows a graphic interpretation of any space so that the public understands where different areas are.


Direction arrows direct the user on their path to where the plate indicates.


List of areas within a building to help find their location.

Location signs

Helps to identify departments and/or locations inside a specific area.

Civil Protection

Helps to identify entrances, exits, evacuation routes, stairs, elevators, ramps, floor level, etc.